Linked Data query toolkit
for TypeScript developers

npm i ldkit

1. Create data schema

Specify entities to retrieve and their properties. Various data types, optional properties, arrays and language annotated literals are supported.

import { dbo, rdfs, xsd } from "ldkit/namespaces";

const PersonSchema = {
  "@type": dbo.Person,
  name: rdfs.label,
  abstract: dbo.abstract,
  birthDate: {
    "@id": dbo.birthDate,
    "@type": xsd.date,
} as const;

2. Set up data source

Use a SPARQL query endpoint, or any other RDF data source.

import { type Options, setGlobalOptions } from "ldkit";

const options = {
  sources: ["https://dbpedia.org/sparql"],
} satisfies Options;


3. Fetch data!

Convert data Schema to a Lens and fetch data with one line of code. Data gets transformed from RDF to native TypeScript automatically.

import { createLens } from "ldkit";

const Persons = createLens(PersonSchema);

const adaIri = "http://dbpedia.org/resource/Ada_Lovelace";
const ada = await Persons.findByIri(adaIri);

console.log(ada.name); // Ada Lovelace
console.log(ada.birthDate); // Date object of 1815-12-10

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Next-gen RDF abstraction

Query RDF data from any source effortlessly.

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LDkit runs in browser, Deno and Node.

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