Supported data types

LDkit supports seamless two-way conversion between RDF based data types and JavaScript / TypeScript native types. Both data and TypeScript types are adequately converted.

Each property in LDkit Schema can be assigned a particular type. If it is not defined, then it defaults to xsd:string.

In addition to regular RDF types, there is one special type ldkit:IRI that is converted to a TypeScript type of IRI, which is an alias for string and it represents and IRI (a value of NamedNode).

RDF Type TypeScript type
xsd:dateTime Date
xsd:date Date
xsd:gDay Date
xsd:gMonthDay Date
xsd:gYear Date
xsd:gYearMonth Date
xsd:boolean boolean
xsd:double number
xsd:decimal number
xsd:float number
xsd:integer number
xsd:long number
xsd:int number
xsd:byte number
xsd:short number
xsd:negativeInteger number
xsd:nonNegativeInteger number
xsd:nonPositiveInteger number
xsd:positiveInteger number
xsd:unsignedByte number
xsd:unsignedInt number
xsd:unsignedLong number
xsd:unsignedShort number
xsd:string string
xsd:normalizedString string
xsd:anyURI string
xsd:base64Binary string
xsd:language string
xsd:Name string
xsd:NCName string
xsd:NMTOKEN string
xsd:token string
xsd:hexBinary string
rdf:langString string
xsd:time string
xsd:duration string
ldkit:IRI IRI