import * as ldkit from "https://deno.land/x/ldkit/mod.ts";


Lens provides an interface to Linked Data based on the data schema.

A query engine that can query a SPARQL endpoint.


Creates an instance of Lens that lets you query and update RDF data via data schema using TypeScript native data types.

Creates a strongly typed container for Linked Data vocabulary to provide type safe access to all vocabulary terms as well as IDE autocompletion.

Sets global configuration Options for LDkit that will be used by default in all queries, unless overridden in Lens.

Type Aliases

Object that contains IRI of an entity

Interface of a query engine compatible with LDkit

Original type of namespace specification

Resulting type of namespace providing access to all terms, prefix and IRI

LDkit options and query engine context

Data property prototype that describes RDF predicate of a data entity. Includes specification of other metadata, such as whether the property is optional, array, inverse, or whether it is a nested data entity, etc.

A set of context entries that can be passed to a query engine, such as data sources, fetch configuration, etc.

Data schema prototype that describes a data entity. Includes an optional specification of RDF type and a map of RDF properties.

Describes a data model of a data entity according to its schema,. as resolved by LDkit, i.e. the shape of data that LDkit returns when querying for entities.

Describes a shape of data for updating an entity, according to its data schema.

Describes a shape of data for updating an entity, according to its data schema.

Map of supported RDF data types and their JavaScript native counterparts